2Too often in injury claims, the person injured is asked to for a recovery which is unfair to them. If you have been legitimately and significantly injured by the carelessness of another driver, or on another person’s premises, the only settlement you should consider is the one that returns you to where you would have been, had you not been injured.

People who are victims of an injury caused by carelessness do not volunteer for that burden. It is forced upon them by an individual or a business which, through carelessness, distraction or a combination of causes, changes your life for the worse.

1 I will aggressively pursue the most appropriate legal option for you to receive the recovery which you deserve. The person or persons who injured you through their carelessness were not concerned with what was fair to you at the time they injured you; therefore your only consideration in pursuing a legal remedy against them is to do the best that can be done for yourself and your family...

The consequences of being injured in a collision or by a defective product or on someone’s premises are often more far-reaching than you would expect. It can have unforeseen economic consequences. It can impact your personal life negatively in ways you do not consider until you have experienced them long after the injury has occurred. Accident claims involving motor, auto, motorcycles, boats, industrial, Tallahassee premises liability, Tallahassee product liability, Tallahassee personal injury attorney and Tallahassee auto accident attorney is what Bill Hall Law of Tallahassee is all about.

Having handled thousands of accident claims for injured victims, I fully understand some of the ways in which your life will be changed, before you do. Your case will be handled personally by me. It will never be handled by a paralegal, an inexperienced lawyer or delegated to another in our office.

Every time you come into the office, we will speak. Every time something is to be done on your case, I will do it. Since every case must be prepared as if it is going to be tried before a jury, there is no other way to handle your case appropriately.

Don’t “settle” for anything less than what you legitimately deserve. If you don’t want to “settle” and want what you deserve, “You Better Call Hall.”


“Every client matters.”

The Law Office of William Hall serves Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas, has participated in more than 75 state and federal jury trials, appeared before the Florida Supreme Court and in multiple state appeals cases.

Practice areas include: Auto accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Tractor trailer accidents, Nursing home negligence, Defective products and Insurance disputes.